Affidavit of support for immigration with marriage info

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Sample of affidavit of support for immigratione:


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I Afsana Begum Rumi (Date of birth 23 February 1988) wife of Jashim Uddin Alamgir (Date of birth 05 March 1982) permanent address: House#452, Road#3, Block#B, Dhanmandi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Do here by declare and affirm as under:

1. I am permanent resident of above address.
2. I am a law obedient citizen of Bangladesh and holding national identity card number AKT34673650 issued from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
3. I married with Jashim Uddin Alamgir on 25 June 2008. We have a son; he is living with us at Dhaka, Bangladesh.
4. My husband Jashim Uddin Alamgir wishes to get immigration to America or Canada. In this regards I have no objection and I am happy to allow him go to America or Canada for immigration status.
5. Our son will be residing with me in Dhaka at above mention address.
6. The above statements are true and correct to the best of my Knowledge. Nothing has been concealed there in.


Whatever have been stated above are true to the best of my Knowledge and I signed this verification today 10 th day of July 2013 in the Dhaka Court Building Premises.


The Deponent has signed this verification in my Presence.


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