FD Maturity Calculator xls

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How to calculate fixed deposit maturity date:


Basically, need the FD maturity calculator for a Banker. Bankers calculate the maturity date for issuing the Fixed Deposit / Term Deposit for writing the FD Instrument or input the maturity date in computer software.

FD Depositor also use the maturity date calculation tools for calculate date of maturity.

Simple calculation formula:
Date of Issue + Period / Term (Days) = Date of Maturity

(01/03/2014) + 90 Days = (30/05/2014)

Download the FD Maturity Calculator excel xls file format.

But, normally Bank mention the date of maturity 01/06/2014 in the Fixed Deposit Instrument instead of date of issuing 01/03/2014 for 3 Months Fixed Deposit.

If not, Banker input the specific maturity date in the computer software, then Bank accounting system automatically calculate the maturity date increasing or decreasing with One or Two days for 31 or 28 days month factor. Most of the Bank accounting software calculates 360 days deposit interest for a year. In this above fact, few depositor one two days lose or gain few interest.

You can download here: Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator tools.


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