English Regular Verbs List pdf

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List of regular verbs with past tense (week verbs):

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Verb / Present Past Tense Past Participle
dance danced danced
dare dared dared
deal dealt dealt
delay delayed delayed
die died died
discuss discussed discussed
do did done
dream dreamt dreamt
drop dropped dropped
dry dried dried
dwell dwelt dwelt
dye dyed dyed
emit emitted emitted
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed
fail failed failed
feed fed fed
feel felt felt
fell felled felled
fight fought fought
fill filled filled
flee fled fled
flow flowed flowed
found founded founded
gild gilt, gilded gilded, gilt
hang hanged hanged
have had had
hear heard heard
help helped helped
hew hewed hewed, hewn
hit hit hit
hope hoped hoped
hurry hurried hurried
hurt hurt hurt
jump jumped jumped
keep kept kept
kill killed killed
kneel knelt knelt
knit knit, knitted knit, knitted
knock knocked knocked

English regular verbs pdf download.


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