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How to write a apology letter / How to write a sorry letter:


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Write a letter to Mr. Simon explaining why you failed to keep the appointment with him. (Like - Apology Letter or Sorry Letter).

01 January 2012

My Dear Simon,

Hope you are OK by the grace of Almighty Allah. I regret that I failed to keep my appointment with you on your important function in which my presence was very much needed by you. I feel seriously how much worries you did feel for my absence without information. Dear Simon, believe me, I failed to come because of my sister's sudden illness. I had to take her to the hospital and got her admitted there. She is still in hospital for treatment. She is not yet out of danger. Some of our friends have also come to hospital to see her. If you come you will see how much I am busy in nursing her. She is in Samarita Hospital in Room No. 458 where I am staying.

I hope you will not happen again in future. Looking forward to seeing you.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely


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