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Format of formal letter:


Template - 1 [ Formal business letter format ]

1150 Olympic Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90064

September 12, 2015

The Head of HRD
ABCD Corporation
350 Fifth Avenue, 34 th Floor
New York, NY 10119.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Subject: Reputed education Institute of New York for student scholarship.

Please refer to discussion had with you over phone resting the above, we are furnishing the name of some reputed educational Institute of New York for awarding the scholarship of ABCD Corporation Aid according to information sheet attached herewith.

In this connection, we would request you to issue the letters to the Head of Institutes to nominate their students.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Jon
Vice President
Los Angeles Br.

Formal Letter Format:

Formal Letter Format

Formal Letter Writing:

Formal Letter means write a letter using all formal words, sentences and language. Formal letter mainly using for official purpose, business correspondence or unknown person. This letter is writing with the serious language. Don't use informal words and sentence in the formal letter. Like: Don't, I'm, Wow!, A lot, etc. Formal writing is usually longer writing form instead of short form. Follow the below table for quick understanding, how to write a formal letter and what you use and what type of word you not use in the formal letter writing.

Description   BAD for Formal Letter GOOD for Formal Letter
You do not use contractions in the formal letter. => Can't, Couldn't, Didn't, Haven't, Is not Cannot, Could not, Did not, Have not, Isn't
Avoid the Idioms in the formal letter writing. => Oh! you know I have been very under the weather Avoid Idioms such as expressions
Do not use the phrasal verbs in the formal letter sentences.
Phrasal Verbs = Verbs and Prepositions
=> find out,
go up,
prices have gone up
prices have increased
Imperatives sentence not use in the formal letter. Imperatives are sentences that start with a verb. => Help your mother more,
Do your home work,
Send it soon!
You may send it at your earliest convenience
Connectors for one paragraph to another paragraph and one ideal to another ideal. => To top it all off,
On top of it all,
On top of it all she is very rude to me,
Furthermore she was rude to me
Avoid the abbreviation / short form of a word in the formal letter. => TV,
Curriculum Vitae
Avoid the exclamation symbol. => !
Avoid this type of symbols
Selection the right word types. => Non-Latin words,
Common words
Latin based words,
Uncommon words
Avoid the normal words in the formal letter. => he is very cool,
he is really great,
It's totally hot,
A lot,
I have a lot of friends,
A lot of the students,
A lot of time is wasted
I strongly advise you to clean your room,
I strongly agree,
We strongly recommend that you sending your order form as soon as possible,
Many students,
Much time is wasted

Thanks to Ms. Emma for nice video training about English formal letter writing tips. She explained - what is the main difference between formal and informal letter writing. Watch the video tutorial.


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