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Informal Letter Writing:


Informal Letter means write a letter using all easy words, sentences and normal language. No need to more formal. Informal letters usually using for personal correspondence with very close person. Like - friends to friends, parents to children's or brother to sister. This letter is writing with the simple and flexible language. Don't use most complicated words and sentence in the informal letter. Like: Moreover, Furthermore, Discover, etc. Informal writing is usually short writing form instead of longer form.

Follow the below table for quick understanding, how to writing an informal letter and what kind of words you use and what you not use in the informal letter format.


Avoid in Informal Letter

Use in Informal Letter

You can use contractions in the Informal letter.


Did not, Have not, Isn't, Cannot, Could not

Didn't, Haven't, Is not, Can't, Couldn't

You can use phrasal verbs in the Informal letter writing. Phrasal Verbs = Verbs and Prepositions


prices have increased,

prices have gone up,
find out,
go up

You can use Idioms for close expressions.


Avoid serious expressions

Oh! you know I have been very under the weather

You can use Imperatives sentence in the Informal letter. Imperatives are sentences that start with a verb.


You may send it at your earliest convenience

Do your home work,
Help your mother more,
Send it soon!

You can use short form / abbreviation of a word in the Informal letter.


Curriculum Vitae,


Connectors for one ideal to another ideal and one paragraph to another paragraph.


Furthermore she was rude to me

On top of it all,
On top of it all she is very rude to me,
To top it all off

You can use exclamation symbol.



Select the right word types.


Uncommon words,
Latin based words

Common words,
Non-Latin words

Avoid the strong words in the Informal letter.


I strongly agree,
I strongly advise you to clean your room,
We strongly recommend that you sending your order form as soon as possible,
Much time is wasted,
Many students,

It's totally hot,
She is really cute,
She is very cool,
A lot of time is wasted,
A lot of the students,
A lot,
I have a lot of friends

Informal Letter Format:

Informal Letter Format

How to Write an Informal Letter:

Many thank to Ms. Emma for nice video training about English informal letter writing tips. She mainly explained - what is the main difference between informal letter writing and formal letter writing. Watch the video clip for better understanding.


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