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Sample of Medical Fitness Certificate Format:


Template - 1

Dated: 14 July, 2010

Medical Fitness Certification

This is to certify that, I have carefully examined Mr./Ms. Ibrahim Khalil, Son / Daughter of Mr. Javed on today and find that he has recovered from his / her illness and my opinion he is physically fit to usual occupation.

Doctor's Signature and Seal


Template - 2 [ For Return to Job / Service]

Dated: 15th January, 2011

Medical Fitness Certification

This is to certify that I have carefully examined Mr. Prabir Kumar whose signature is given below and find that he recovered from his illness and is now fit to resume duties in Service. I also certify that before arriving at this decision, I have examined the original medial certificate and statement of the case on which leave was granted or extended and have taken into consideration in arriving at my decision.

Signature of Service Holder


Departmental Medical Officer


Template - 3 [ For attend a game cometition ]

Medical Certification

This is to certify that Ms. Rehana Karim had her pregnancy test done today and the result was negative. Her last menstrual period was 16 September, 2012. Hence, she is deemed fit to engage in playing.

Certification is issued upon the request of Ms. Rehana Karim in relation to her schedule Female Football District Championship on 14 October 2012 in Chennai, India.

Doctor's Signature and Seal


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